Invasive species

The foreign species is a non-indigenous species that naturally does not reside in a particular ecosystem, but has been introduced into it, intentionally or unintentionally. The foreign species is also referred to as alohton, invasive, non-native, exotic, introduced or alien species. If the colonization or spread of a foreign species negatively affects biodiversity, human health or does the economic damage to the area to which it is introduced, then we consider this species invasive.

The State Institute for Nature Protection has launched a portal about invasive species with the aim of providing information on invasive species at the state level. On this page you can get information on invasive foreign types, give an overview of legal legislation and recommendations for responsible behavior and prevent the introduction of foreign species into nature. There is no specific information on this portal for the area of Istria and no issues of specific local interest are addressed.

Our site aims to connect the Centre dealing with invasive species and citizens, children and tourists who are interested, have a problem, or want to engage in activities of the Invasive Species Centre. We are dealing with all invasive species, land, marine, plant and animal kinds,  and the consequences of their invasion of our environment.